Seismic Activity - Detected by onsite Raspberry Shake - AM.RAA90

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Want to track quakes on your own? Get a Raspberry Shake

From local tremors, traffic rumbling by, fracking and quarry explosions and even nuclear testing, to the BIG earthquakes that hit half a world away. NOW you can see it ALL.
Was that a tremor you just felt? You do not have to be a seismologist to answer that question ( not if you have the Raspberry Shake ), that is. Branded as a professional-grade personal seismograph that makes use of a geophysical sensor coupled to a modern digitizer and ARM processor, this pint-sized (actually, even smaller) seismograph sits atop any Raspberry Pi board.
The Raspberry Shake (and Boom) are a combination of technologies. The main board combines a powerful processor and digitizer which connect to built in sensors (on some models) and a super sensitive Earth motion sensor, called a ( geophone ), for the Raspberry Shake.

Care has been taken to make certain that the data your Raspberry Shake (and Boom) produces is in the same format as the industry standard. This is called miniSEED. At the same time care has been taken to ensure that you can easily display and read this data on your own computer.
If you are a hobbiest, professional, every day mum or dad or even a local school. The Shake could be for you.
The Raspberry Shake range of products have advanced options so that more experienced users can enjoy DIY features, programming their own IFTTT protocols, laser print their enclosures and more! The novice will also feel at home as all the devices are designed to be plug and play, professional, home science monitors that anyone could use.

Helicorder created using WinSDR Version 4.7.8b9 and wsserver 14 on RShake
Credits : Steve of for his assistance in setting up WinSDR