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Huon River Vista Weather - South Franklin - Huon Valley - Southern Tasmania

Located : Along side the Huon River a few minutes South of Franklin in the Huon Valley, Southern Tasmania.
Station: (Latitude/Longitude);
Degrees/Minutes/Seconds : Latitude: S 43° 07' 18" Longitude: E 146° 59' 19" Elevation: 28.64 m
Decimal : Latitude: -43.12184526807597. Longitude: 146.98870986700058. Altitude: 28.64 m.

Station Type The station is powered by a Davis Vantage Pro 2 (Plus) wireless weather station.
The data is collected every 2.5 seconds and the web site is updated every 60 seconds.
The station includes a 24 Hour Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield, Solar and UV Sensors as well as Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature Sensors set at 100mm and 400mm. This sites Data is collected using CumulusMX (3.0.0-b3043) Software. The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible. Note: The Meteorological Day used by this site (HRVistaWeather) for observations and capturing of weather data, is for the 24 hour period between midnight to midnight each day.

Station Type HRVistaWeather is also an official BoM Manual Rain Gauge Station. Rain is Recorded on Site between 9AM to 9AM (Daily) from readings taken from the BoM Manual Rain Gauge. Our Bureau Station Number is : ( 094261 ) Station Name : FRANKLIN (SOUTH). Bureau Manual Readings began : ( 21 - FEB - 2013 ). The Auto Rain Gauge : Recorded Rainfall is also captured for the additional period of (9AM to 9AM) each day and displayed in the "Official Records" tab on the following link : Manual v Auto Rain Gauge Data. More info about the BoM Manual Rain Gauges here.

About This Town - Franklin

unavailable Franklin (Australian postcode 7113) is a small township on the western side of the Huon River in the south-east of Tasmania, between Huonville and Geeveston. In the 2011 Census the population of Franklin was 1,103 and is comprised of 51.9% males and 48.1% females. It was named after Sir John Franklin and his wife Lady Jane Franklin who subdivided a large property there formerly owned by John Price to settle families of modest means.The Franklins had a ketch named Huon Pine built at Port Davey to provide a direct link between the settlement at Hobart. Originally used for mixed cropping, especially potatoes and other vegetables, by the late 19th century Franklin and its immediate surrounds were a major apple orcharding region. With the collapse of Tasmania's export fruit industry during the 1970s the region reverted to mixed farming. Until the 1930s Franklin was the major town in the Huon Valley. It was thriving with the shipping that docked at its many jetties. Franklin boasted its own Court House (now a gourmet cafe), several hotels, banks and a Town Hall (which is now the restored Palais Theatre). It even had its own hydroelectric power station, driven by a local creek. With the establishment of a better road across the Sleeping Beauty Range mountains and the growth of the nearby town Huonville, Franklin went into decline over the next few decades. However, it has recently had a resurgence as a popular tourist town and has had an influx of interstate 'Seachangers' who have revitalised the town. Much of old Franklin remains. Franklin is surrounded by small farms and the town itself retains the aura of a former port. The changing colours and reflections on the river make this a photographers paradise.

unavailableunavailable The Lands administrative divisions of Tasmania are the divisions of Tasmania into land districts and parishes for cadastral purposes, which are part of the lands administrative divisions of Australia. Franklin is located in the Parish of Honeywood, in the County of Kent. Interestingly our Town of Franklin does not reside in the Tasmania County of Franklin.

95.3 and 98.5   Go To : HuonFM - Website

Weather and climate

Modern Trewartha classification: Cflk (Subtropical climate with evenly distributed precipitation with mild summer with cool winter)
Subtropical in the Koppen and Trewartha classification is defined as a region, where at least eight months has an average temperature of more than 10 °C, but the coldest month has an average temperature of less than 18 °C. The individual subtypes then differ in their annual precipitation distribution. In Trewartha classification there is a condition of maximum annual precipitation of 900 mm. In general the subtropical climate is usually found in areas polewards from the tropical zones. It can also be found inside tropical zones at places with higher altitude. Typical are for example citrus trees or palm trees. The Cf subtype is characterized by precipitation evenly distributed throughout the year. It can be found for example in Eastern part of South America, in large areas in Southeast U.S., Northern Italy, the Southwest tip of Russia, in Southeast Asia, some parts of Japan or East coast of Australia.

About - Station Data Export

We stopped exporting data to others on 1st Dec 2016 after a system crash and now only record onsite.

The station used to send data 24/7 to (PWS, WU, CWOP and many others), to be used for weather analysis and area forecasting.
With the Exception of the AUWN and BoM WOW Metoffice below which we recommenced on 9th Dec 2017 and 10th Feb 2018 respectively.

Active Uploads
AUWN AUWN - Australian Weather Network
BoM WOW Metoffice ID=40976642 BoM WOW Metoffice - Automatic Weather Observations siteID = 40976642

About - Australian Weather Network (AUWN)

The Australian Weather Network was founded in June of 2008 by Henk of Lyndhurst-Hill Weather in Queensland, Australia. Membership is open to those with Personal Weather Stations in the Australia and member sites can be viewed on the home page.

In June 2015, Henk had to discontinue hosting/administration of the AUWN and Ken True of saratoga-weather.org very kindly assumed hosting for the network (thank you Ken) and Tony of Huon River Vista Weather https://southfranklinweather.com assumed administration of the network.

In August 2016, Tony of Huon River Vista Weather had to discontinue administration of the AUWN and hosting and administration of the network was transferred to Steven of Potts Point Weather.

About - Franklin Weather - Mobile Website

The Mobile version of this website has been upgraded, the original features included "Current Conditions" (Temp/Heat Index/Dew Point/Humidity/Wind and Chill/Baro/Rain/UV Index), "Station Records", "Forecast Conditions" (5 days Franklin), "Satelite Map" (Now enhanced), "Local Radar" (Now enhanced). Added: "Australian Bureau of Meteorology 'BOM' Weather Alerts" (Land/Road/Marine), "TFS - Tas Fire Service" (Link to TFS Mobile webpage and main web page) and Aurora Info including Alerts. Our Mobile Version can be obtained by pointing your Mobile Phone Bar Code Scanner App at our API Graphic located below. If you do not have a Bar Code Scanner: Click here to download a free "QR BARCODE SCANNER" from Google Play.

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Gold Star CreditSaratoga-Weather.org : Ken True for the AJAX conditions display, Dashboard and integration of the (sadly the autor has passed away) http://www.tnetweather.com TNET Weather common PHP site design for this site, Including the numerous scripts he has produced and his dedicated support of those scripts and ongoing professional help and guidance on many forums. Ken is Legendary.

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Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Tasmania Fire Service
Weather Zone
The Australian Early Warning Network (EWN)
The Weather Channel
Nordic Weather
National Hurricane Center
AIS Marine Traffic
Oscilmet Weather Analysis
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
USGS Earthquakes
IRIS Seismic Monitor
Elders Weather
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