South Franklin Weather - GFS Sea Level Pressure MAPS

GFS Sea Level.Pressure (10M Wind) Precipitation - Rain - 3 hourly

GFS (Global Forecast System) forecast MAPS Generated onsite 6 hrly by South Franklin Weather.

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These NOAA GFS Maps are generated on site daily and updated every six (6) hours using OpenGrADS and sequenced using Javascript & jQuery. The Model: ( Run and Valid Times ) are in ( Zulu/UTC ) and ( AEST/AEDT ) Timezones. See more detailed GFS Forecast Maps at : Brisbane Storm Chasers Website
Images above ( ../gfs/aus/gfs_slp_3.png ) Last Uploaded on : 14 December 2018 17:59:47.AEDT      GFS Maps Ver 2.0.0 (03-Oct-15)