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Updates - 23-Jan-2018

Keep an Eye on the Earthquakes this week

I do not usually comment on these (though it is a thing I follow very closely) There has been a very significant amount of deep Quakes across the West Pacific in the past week, then Total Silence (except for an increase in Volcanic activity) which always results in Larger Surface Quakes. Recently there has been a fair amount of unusual activity around the Dorrigo, NSW region (some say due to pressure push back from Zealandia, also known as the New Zealand undersea continent). Regardless of the cause we should expect an increase in some small Quakes as a result from Victoria down to Tasmania over the coming week as part of this Pressure transfer. While writing this I see there where (2) new Quakes one Magnitude 5.5, Solomon Islands. and 2nd 30 mins later Magnitude 6.0, Java, Indonesia. and yet another huge Quake Magnitude 7.9, Gulf of Alaska. It will be interesting to see how this week pans out.

Updates - 18-Jan-2018

Solunar Best Fishing Day Rating

We have added a brief Solunar Best Fishing Day Rating Image to the lower section of the main index page (for your quick reference) Clicking on the image will take you to our main Solunar pages. We created these scripts ages ago, so thought we may as well use them.
Link to main : Solunar Page.

Example of Rating info on main index page :
Comparison Charts

Example of Rating info on main landing index page :
Comparison Charts

Updates - 17-Jan-2018

Added our old Chat Page back onto the site

Please feel free to add a comment and or engage in discussions ( anything weather related ), if you so desire.

We look forward to your comments and would also appreciate your feedback.

Updates - 16-Jan-2018

Local Conditions Comparison
Thought it may be interesting to see a visual Current Conditions Comparison between our data and another WU site located in Franklin. it is live and refreshes every minute (though WU only every 5/10 or 15 minutes), if you feel it maybe worth adding to a standalone page, please let me know. Updated: 17 Jan 2018 Read on....
Based on a direct line (as the crow flies), the distance (based on Lat/Long information supplied on WU for the "Franklin Riverside" site, on map) is approximately 4.706km . It is great to be able to compare against a nearby site, Thanks Franklin Riverside for uploading your data.
I have noticed a consistent difference of around (1) One Degree Celsius between the two, though I envisage this may be due to my (FARS) Temperature and Humidity sensors are enclosed in solar-powered 24hr fan-aspirated radiation shield. The shield combines active and passive aspiration to minimize the effects of radiation.
The BoM when they approached me years ago to take on the Franklin Manual Rain Gauge ( Renamed to South Franklin after eons of records in Franklin - Sad ) told me that my site data was so close to the recordings from the Grove that they where amazed. (I will add that yes at times it may be, though for obvious locational reasons it is not).
The Grove data can be found here : Observations for Grove (Meteye beta)
A Tip, do not become complacent when cross referencing our site against the BoM Grove site, as it only updates on Half Hourly intervals, pay more attention to the overall Highs/Lows throughout the day.

We have added a new page under the menu "Live"/"WU Nearby PWS Site Comparison" , this page displays the current days conditions by our site and the new "Franklin Riverside" site. Data is auto updated every 5 minutes and the page at this stage only updates on page refresh. Link to new page : WU Nearby PWS Site Comparison.

Updates - 15-Jan-2018

Time-Lapse Videos Adjusted timings for better visual display, which results in a size increase.

There is an obvious quality increase with the new Time-Lapse Videos, however an obvious size increase as well. We can push the quality output much higher, though we feel the size issue for some viewers will obviously cause issues. If you would prefer either or, please let us know via our contact page. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Updates - 14-Jan-2018

Reinstated WXSIM vs WU Comparison Page

Hopefully now that WU is back online, we may be able to maintain a consistent daily comparison between WU and WXSIM.
We only wish that the BoM MetEye Forecast for Franklin was out of Beta mode, so we could also compare against it as well.

Updates - 14-Jan-2018

Added HotLinking Prevention measures to the site

We found some rouge sites adding to our bandwidth usage, as they where without approval HotLinking Images from our site.
LBT (Living Boat Trust) and other Weather related Forums that we use have been excluded in the code and allowed access.

Updates - 13-Jan-2018

Feedback from (WU) Weather Underground

We want to take the time to acknowledge, explain and apologize for the PWS network issues that you may have experienced over the past week. We are happy to say the issues are now resolved and your service is fully restored.
The interruption of service was related to the hot patches applied to our servers to correct the recent Intel hardware security flaws. We can say with 100% confidence that the data you share with us is completely safe. The patches required systems to be rebooted and, as these systems came back on-line, many of them did not boot up cleanly.
Weather Underground was founded 23 years ago and some of the code and infrastructure supporting the PWS Network still date back to 1994. We invested significant resources to modernize that infrastructure in 2017 and those updates are nearly complete.

Updates - 08-Jan-2018

Forecast Variation, why have some of our recent Forecast been either Too High or Too Low

We like to try and keep our forecasts within the Tram Tracks of about 2 degree C ().

However due to our recent upgrade (New System) we have had issues with the (I can"t say the word I"d like to) Windows 10 Software (Auto Updates) which hopefully we have now controlled.

Also just purely embedding the old On-Site Forecasting Software (WXSIM) into the New System took a tad to settle in, hopefully from now on we will see a more stable closer to actual forecast. ( Time will tell )

I"ll take this opportunity to mention (WU) Weather Underground, a PWS Upload site and Forecasting Site. We used to upload to WU however they have become so unstable in recent years that we no longer upload to them.

We currently behind the scene do still cross reference against their forecasts which partially use other nearby PWS Site uploaded data, though that in itself has been a nightmare with availability of WU being on-line, or the Local PWS as well.

Please don"t get me wrong here, I have always classed WU way above BoM on the ability to forecast Local Conditions (the underlying reason I believe is due to the fact they use local data and better forecast systems).

Once they finally sort out their Data/Supply/Network Based issues, I"m sure they will provide a quality Forecast. However, we are hoping that at some stage the Meteye Forecast for Franklin comes out of Beta Mode (which it has been in since the multi million dollar venture commenced in 2011) so we can then officially display and cross reference against the BoM Meteye Franklin Forecast.

Which actually uses Grove Station for Actual Data. So we will wait and see what happens.

Example of our Comparison Charts :
Comparison Charts

Updates - 05-Jan-2018

Webcam Time-Lapse now Live and Update on todays data glitch

Note: Reminder for me to talk about WU (Weather Underground) next update, looks like a new site in Franklin IFRANKLI3 (Franklin Riverside TA SMANIA) a (Christmas present maybe) or is it the old HUONVAL3 (which was called Franklin Church) replaced as it"s Lat / Lon where originally on the River Bank further North of Franklin in a place one would not expect weather station gear. Neither the pre nor post mentioned site have any form of information regards who they are nor website links or information about hardware etc. It would be nice to know these things.

Updates - 30-Dec-2017

LBT (The Living Boat Trust - Franklin Tasmania) : LBT
Added our Live Weather Conditions Banner and live Webcam image back onto their Home page. Thanks Richard.

Updates - 29-Dec-2017

Added new scripts and software for Webcam Timelapse

Updates - 27-Dec-2017

Purchased a New Computer to run our Weather Station Software (hopefully more reliable)

All Software and Data transferred to new PC