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Logo Global Forecast Maps (GFS) vs (Telstra/NBN) Night Speeds - Updated 2018-10-01


Posted on 17th Sep 2018

Hi, we have had to disable our Nightly (00z GFS Map Generation) normally produced for our (16:00 AEST Forecast Maps) as well as our (06z GFS Map Generation) normally produced for our (22:00 AEST Forecast Maps), reason being Telstra/NBN upgrades (or rather lack of) more like Extremely Poor Service at Night.
So you will see errors on our Status page and the overnight GFS Maps will not be updated, we appologise, though this is out of our control, we blame NBN. I think NBN stands for "No Blanky Network" or "Network Blackouts Nightly" or "No BassLink Network". The NBN failed to arrive for two visits over the past 2 weeks and did not even call or tell Telstra that they decided (due to their analysis) that the call out was not required due to they saw no issue with our problem. So NBN told Telstra to send a Telstra Tech to check, the Telstra Tech arrived as planned today (2018/10/01) and found as we have stated over the past 5 weeks, that it is an NBN Network/Tower issue. The 50 mbps we have had since 2017/01/01 has now been throttled back to during day (lucky if we get 25 mbsp usually less and down to 1.2 mbps after 16:00 (4pm) , this is disgusting. We will be fighting this from here on in.