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  • unavailable  Coronal hole faces Earth
    PUBLISHED (UTC): Thu, 11 Oct 2018 17:40:00 +0000   FULL DETAILS : CLICK HERE

    A coronal hole located on the Sun's southern hemisphere is facing our planet today.

  • unavailable  Coronal hole faces Earth
    PUBLISHED (UTC): Thu, 04 Oct 2018 18:27:00 +0000   FULL DETAILS : CLICK HERE

    A large coronal hole is facing our planet today. This coronal hole seems to be an extension of the northern polar coronal hole that stretches southward all the way to the Sun's southern hemisphere.

  • unavailable  Minor G1 geomagnetic storm
    PUBLISHED (UTC): Sat, 22 Sep 2018 06:57:00 +0000   FULL DETAILS : CLICK HERE

    Minor G1 geomagnetic storm conditions were observed earlier this night as a dense solar wind structure arrived at our planet. The north-south direction of the interplanetary magnetic field went mostly southward dipping as low as -9nT and that combined with the equinox effect caused us to reach minor G1 geomagnetic storm conditions at 02:45 UTC. Source is likely the southern extension of the polar coronal hole that you can see in this video from NASA/SDO.

  • unavailable  Happy birthday SpaceWeatherLive! Let's celebrate!
    PUBLISHED (UTC): Sat, 15 Sep 2018 17:11:00 +0000   FULL DETAILS : CLICK HERE

    Happy birthday to ourselves! celebrates its 10th birthday today! On 15 September 2008, we registered the URL and SpaceWeatherLive was born.

  • unavailable  Coronal hole faces Earth
    PUBLISHED (UTC): Fri, 14 Sep 2018 15:15:00 +0000   FULL DETAILS : CLICK HERE

    The previous coronal hole solar wind stream gave us some great auroral displays around the world as it caused moderate G2 geomagnetic storm conditions on 11 September which was predicted perfectly by the NOAA SWPC. Today we have yet another coronal hole facing our planet which should be exciting news for aurora watchers at high latitude locations!

  • unavailable  Coronal hole faces Earth
    PUBLISHED (UTC): Sat, 08 Sep 2018 12:36:00 +0000   FULL DETAILS : CLICK HERE

    A high speed coronal hole solar wind stream arrived at our planet yesterday from a small equatorial coronal hole but it did not produce much geomagnetic activity here on our planet. While the solar wind speed increased to above 500km/s, the north-south direction of the IMF stayed mostly northward and little geomagnetic activity was observed. The Kp-index never increased above Kp2 yesterday. However, we are soon getting another chance for some nice auroral displays as yet another coronal hole faced our planet yesterday.

  • unavailable  Today one year ago: X9.3 solar flare
    PUBLISHED (UTC): Thu, 06 Sep 2018 05:27:00 +0000   FULL DETAILS : CLICK HERE

    It has been many months since we've last seen a strong solar flare or even a decent sunspot region. It is no secret that we are well on our way to solar minimum. However, today exactly one year ago, our Sun looked very different compared to how it looks today. Multiple sunspot regions were visible but by far the most interesting sunspot region was sunspot region 2673. Sunspot region 2673 was on 6 September 2017 one of the most complex sunspot regions that we have seen this solar cycle and it erupted that day with an X9.3 (R3-strong) solar flare which will likely remain the strongest solar flare of the current solar cycle, solar cycle 24.

  • unavailable  Coronal hole faces Earth
    PUBLISHED (UTC): Tue, 04 Sep 2018 15:46:00 +0000   FULL DETAILS : CLICK HERE

    After last month's impressive G3 geomagnetic storm caused by a coronal mass ejection, it is time to welcome back a familiar solar feature on our nearest star today. We have a small coronal hole facing our planet today.

  • unavailable  Strong G3 geomagnetic storm
    PUBLISHED (UTC): Sun, 26 Aug 2018 10:03:00 +0000   FULL DETAILS : CLICK HERE

    We were wrong! The coronal mass ejection we talked about back on 22 August did arrive at Earth and sparked strong G3 geomagnetic storming conditions today. A big surprise for everyone which goes to show how unpredictable space weather is.

  • unavailable  What's the buzz about? CME aimed towards Earth?
    PUBLISHED (UTC): Wed, 22 Aug 2018 15:58:00 +0000   FULL DETAILS : CLICK HERE

    A buzz started to develop in the space weather community about a possible earth-directed coronal mass ejection. We took a look at the event and weren't impressed but considering it is solar minimum and there hasn't been much to get excited about, we do a short analysis anyway.

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